Commercial/ Business Development Audit Specialists

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Key characteristics of our value proposition

  • Collaborative approach – works with management in a consultative manner, appreciating that management’s time is precious.

  • Value for money – low overheads ensures that clients not only receive value, but also realistic hourly rates.

  • Proven methodologies – in line with Institute of Internal Auditing.

  • Making it simple – strives to stay away from excessive “consultant speak,” instead offering “to-the-point” solutions and approaches.

Why Cross Rhodes?

Cross Rhodes offer a unique combination of Sales/Business Development and Internal Audit skills and competencies in both Public and Private sectors. As an assurance service provider with more than 15 years experience, the firm supports management in these key areas which often do not receive the necessary attention in the company’s annual audit plans.

Our experience show that the review of Commercial processes often becomes an area of focus during times of economic downturn. However, by including these reviews in annual audit plans, it will ensure that management proactively mitigates its Commercial risks. This will result in organisations:

• Being able to respond better to economic downturns.
• Enhance its performance in good times.

Whilst continuously striving to remain independent, the firm also supports management with Business Consulting/ Advisory services, particularly in the area of enhancing Sales Processes, Customer Experience management and Knowledge Management.

Commercial Sub-Processes

In line with International Internal Auditing Standards, the International Professional Practices Framework and the
Institute of Commercial Management, Cross Rhodes focuses on the following Commercial sub-processes:

  • Go to Market strategy – the company’s approved marketing strategy.

  • Pricing – policies and approaches to pricing.

  • Contracting – are contracts commercially and legally sound?

  • Client and market insights – does the company and its sales forced know enough about their customer and the market in which the customer operates, in order to offer meaningful products and services?

  • Sales systems and tools – the use of class-leading tools and systems to support excellent customer sales and service.

  • Key Account Management - approaches to selling and servicing customers/ clients in the new economy.

  • Client Satisfaction – approaches to improving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Other processes/ programs

In addition, the firm reviews processes in respect of Public/Private Procurement/ Private Sector and Regulatory Compliance programs.


  • Support management in Control framework development and embedment.

  • Risk identification.

  • Process description.

  • Development of Management Controls.

  • Adequacy and effectiveness reviews.

Skills transfer

Certain pockets of Public Sector (in particular), require effective skills transfer interventions. Our experience and exposure to the sector over the years have shown that the best results are achieved when staff receives practical on-the-job and over-the-shoulder training in their actual work environment.

Whilst we encourage ongoing, structured skills enhancement and development plans and programs, short to medium term results are often achieved by this approach. Skills development is thus at the heart of all our engagements; our guiding principle being to ensure that we do not simply issue a report and walk away until the next time!

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